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  These are the finest drill rigs available. Click the link below for detail information on our high quality drill rigs.

Cordless Magnetic Drill Press MX-V with switchable magnet technology. Provides superior holding power, weighs less and with a smaller footprint compared to other magnetic drill presses.

Weighing in at only 22 lbs and a foot print of only 7.5" x 3" the MX-V provides 1500 lbs holding power and is effective on thin and thick metal surfaces. The real surprise is it requires NO ELECTRIC POWER. Just flip the switch to stick the rig!

The rig comes standard with drill collar for popular 1/2" drills including Metabo, Bosch, Milwaukee and DeWalt corded drills. Additional collar available for the DeWalt 20V Cordless drill.

#MX-V $900.00 (Drill Motor not included.)

MX-V height extender, watch video here LINK.

StrongArm MiniRig

StrongArm MiniRig
How strong is the MX-V?
Review of MX-V rig in use.
Versatile, Fast set up. Precise depth control and accuracy makes safe drilling easy and more profitable. Innovative design, quality construction. The rig weighs only 3 lbs. but supplies drilling pressure not possible with heavy, cumbersome magnetic drill rigs. The compact design allows the rig to fit where others won't. A non-slip triangular shaft accommodates the 3/8" or 1/2" drill motor of your choice. Multiple attaching options provide versatility. Included drill point templates attach to dial ring screws and position the rig for quickly and accurately for drilling into safe locks. For drilling outside the lock area, you can mount it with the Hollow Bore Bolt. The bit goes through the hollow bolt, and drills into the safe leaving only one hole for easy repair. You can also mount the rig with two self-tapping screws. Quick Disconnect design allows you to remove and replace the MiniRig in seconds from all mounting options. This exclusive design provides unobstructed access for a scope, inspecting the hole, or change bits.
The Pro Kit includes: The MiniRig and 2 Templates for drilling S&G, Mosler, LaGard and Diebold mechanical locks, the Universal Dial Puller, plus a fitted custom case and it all weighs less than 10 pounds. Best of all, it can pay for itself in one or two openings!
#MRP $925.00

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LeverBar Rig

Lever Bar Rig and Case:
Fully adjustable and versatile. With
Metabo #SBE850 1/2" Hammer Drill
Variable 2 speed Max 3100 rpm,
7.7 AMP
#LBR $675.00

StrongArm Lever Bar Rig in Action: Ken Foo makes easy work of this vault door with his LeverBar Rig.

Diamond Core
The new light-weight MiniVac quickly attaches the MiniRig, Bullet or Lever Bar drill rigs to safes and vaults. The MiniVac holds to most textured and smooth safe finishes with a few pushes on the thumb pump (no electric vacuum pump necessary) The nine-inch soft rubber pad protects the safe's paint, and an adjustable leveling arm maximizes the holding power and provides drilling stability. A built-in indicator signals when additional pumping is needed. If desired, an optional quick-connect air hose fitting accomodates an electric vacuum pump for constant and increased holding power. The MiniVac comes in a molded plastic case for $399.00. Additional Pump Adapter $60.

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StrongArm MiniRig  
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The VacAttack is the ultimate drill rig for high security safes and vaults. Super strong vacuum power attaches the rig on stainless steel, concrete, wrinkle painted safes or almost any flat surface. You can attach the VacAttack where a magnetic press won*t hold or other type rigs are not practical and accommodates a wide range of drill motors. The compact and lightweight design provides incredible holding power, fast set up, versatility and accurate drilling. The VacAttack includes: A specially designed 115 volt 28hg dual stage vacuum pump and hose with a 10x14 inch vacuum pad and rack and pinion drill press all in a heavy duty case.
The drill press attaches on the long or short side of the pad and is quickly removable for working in the hole or using a scope without removing the pad. The tri spoke handle is interchangeable for right or left side operation. A quick release on the pad allows for easy adjustment and a safety check valve maintains vacuum in the event of a power loss.
#VA   $2,395.00
VacAttack & Extender
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The VacExtender is an adjustable, compound extension arm designed for use with the StrongArm VacAttack. It attaches to the drill-neck collet on the Vac-Attack tower and extends the reach of the drill motor so that you can reach into tight spots between handle arbors, dial spindles or any other obstructions that may be in the way of your drill target.
VacAttack Extender

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