StrongArm Safe MiniRig® Templates

  MiniRig® Safe Drill Templates - click the link below for detail information on our high quality safe drill templates.
The Universal Template attaches to the safe's dial ring mounting screw holes for safe drilling with the MiniRig. UniTemp uses an X-Y axis system with ruler scales, and an index to allow you to set specific up, down, left and right measurements from the spindle hole center. Set-up is very fast. Lock in your setting, attach the MiniRig and start drilling.

Universal Template
Provides drill points for the fence, lever screw, relocker and mounting screw on S&G/Diebold/LaGard/Ilco combination locks.
S&G/LaGard/Diebold Locks
Provides drill points for fence, scope, relocker and lever post for Mosler 120 & 302-402 locks.
Mosler 120/302-402 Locks
Provides drill points for the side bar, solenoids, and relocker for LaGard Electronic Locks.
LaGard Swingbolts/Combogard/99e & Slambolts
Provides drill points for the Kaba Mas X-07, X-08, and X-09, Audit-Cencon & B52 locks.
Kaba Mas Locks
Provides drill points for Star, Gary C&E Rate, and Major floor safes.
Floor Safes
Provides drill points for S&G 2740 motor gear, motor shaft and relocker.
Kaba X-09 for LKM tool
Kaba X-08/X-09 Shearer tool
Kaba X-08 gear
Kaba X-09 relocker
Provides drill points for the Ilco 505, Amsec ESL 10/20, S&G 6120 and S&G Z series. Also has optional drill points for LG 3330, Kaba-Mas B52.
Multiple Locks
Customize your own templates for the Mini-Rig! The blank template includes the spindle and dial-ring mounting screw holes only. Just drill and tap a hole to produce custom templates.
Blank Template

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